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What is Soda / Media Blasting..

Soda blasting is a process in which sodium bicarbonate and other eco-friendly media is applied against a surface using compressed air. An early use was the restoration of the Statue of Liberty in the late 1970’s.

Soda blasting is a non-destructive method for many applications in cleaning, paint stripping, log and cedar home restoration, automotive restoration, mould remediation, industrial equipment maintenance, rust removal, graffiti removal, molecular steel against rust, oil removal and translocation, masonry cleaning and restoration, soot remediation, boat hull cleaning and for food processing facilities and equipment.
A soda blaster is a self-contained system that includes a blast generator, high pressure compressed air, moisture decontamination system, blast hose, and a blast nozzle. The blast nozzle in soda blasting applications is not a typical wear part, as a result nozzles can be ceramic or metal, such as tungsten carbide.
The soda blasting material consists of formulated sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda). Blasting soda is an extremely friable material that has micro fragmentation on impact, literally exploding away surface materials without damage to the substrate.

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